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The 2020 Australian PC Awards winners have been announced

(Image credit: Future)

AMD has taken the gong for Excellence in this year's Australian PC Awards. The award, which debuts this year among 32 other categories, is voted by editorial staff across Future Australia’s key tech and game publications: TechRadar, PC Gamer, APC, TechLife and PC PowerPlay. AMD's Zen 2 chiplet architecture bettered other big-name finalists, including Nvidia's RTX technology, and Intel's Ice Lake mobile CPUs.

This year's Gold Award, which was voted on by PC Gamer and TechRadar readers, went to Asus, with the company "offering consistent quality, range and innovation across a huge variety of categories". Other winners include the MSI GS75 Stealth for best gaming laptop, and Asus's Maximus XI Formula for best premium motherboard.

While results in those 33 categories should keep you busy for a while, there's more to be announced on Monday: if you voted in the Gold Award poll, you could be the winner of a bunch of cool stuff. We're announcing the winner of that reader prize right here next Monday, April 6.

To check out the best products in every category, head on over to TechRadar to see all the winners of the 2020 Australian PC Awards

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