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Teleglitch updates to v9.3, adds combat arena mode

Brutal sci-fi roguelike Teleglitch: Die More Edition has just updated with a brand new mode. Where in the main campaign, a handful of enemies would expectantly jump out at your frail, unprepared body, now you can turn the tables with the cathartic Arena mode. It lets you choose from a variety of weapon loadouts, and asks you to survive against a horde of the game's monsters.

"In the arenas, the player will face hordes of enemies in a randomized level layout. To aid the player, each arena chapter has six different predetermined weapon sets with varying strengths and weaknesses. Each arena have one of the following three objectives: kill all enemy waves, survive a certain amount of time, or kill a specific enemy type."

Here's the full change list for the new patch:

  • Arena mode

  • Added more stuff when starting from later levels

  • Made railgun even stronger

  • Made war walkers a bit weaker

  • Made level3,4 a bit easier

In addition to the update, Teleglitch is now 66% off on Steam; now available for £3.06/$4.42.

Phil Savage
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