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Steam Greenlight updated with non-game software, free early concept posting

Valve has updated Steam Greenlight - its crowdsourced distribution decider - to support non-game software and early concepts. Software now has its own section, and works the same as games: community response will be used to judge which programs Valve will distribute on Steam. Concepts are a new feature: they allow developers to bypass the $100 fee to get community feedback on budding game and software ideas, but won't result in Steam distribution.

There are currently only a few software and concept entries. I'm a fan of Eyebot :

He's pretty damn angry. Valve has made a few other changes (mostly developer-oriented; listed below), and they're all live right now.

  • The updated front page of Steam Greenlight now highlights recent submissions and Friends' favorites as well as recent news
  • Developers can now add additional contributors to their items in Greenlight for the purpose of moderating and responding to community feedback
  • A new widget-creator has been added under the "About" section to help promote your Steam Greenlight entry
  • The FAQ has been updated to add some new questions and include information about Steam business in general
  • Steam Greenlight logos are now available for download, also listed under the "About" section
Tyler Wilde
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