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Spelunky returns to PC this summer with HD edition

In fairness, the cheery platforming roguelike Spelunky never left PC - you can play the free version right now. But developer Mossmouth did delve deep into the dangerous (and possibly lava filled?) world of XBLA with Spelunky HD. Which was actually just called Spelunky. Now that Spelunky is also coming to PC.

Spelunky improves on Spelunky by... Nope, this is going to get confusing. Spelunky improves on Spelunky Classic with updated graphics, new zones, monsters, items, traps, and secrets. The general basics remain the same: you're heading deeper down through the randomly generated levels, and then dying. Then trying again. Then dying. Then, hours later, finding yourself unable to get to sleep because that mine theme is stuck in your head.

Don't get me wrong, the game is absolutely brilliant. But goddamn that mine theme.

Mossmouth have announced the release for "this summer". It will be sold through Steam, GOG, and eventually the Humble Store.

For more on Spelunky Classic, check out Tom Francis' giant feature, A City of Gold . And see the XBLA trailer below:

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