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Shenmue 3 video is short, but features glowing bugs

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This brief Shenmue 3 video doesn't feature any intriguing new information about the game, but it does feature Ryo and Shenhua looking at some pretty lantern bugs. It's the latest gameplay footage from Yu Suzuki's newly exhumed series, and it arrives just 70 hours before the end of the game's Kickstarter campaign.

While the $2 million goal was easily reached and exceeded within hours of Shenmue 3's announcement at E3 last month, it's only managed to reach $4,890,925 since then. I say only, because Suzuki has previously stated that he'd need $10 million to make a proper open world game, in keeping with previous instalments in the series.

That said, Suzuki has said the project has more funding sources in addition to Kickstarter (like Sony, who hosted the game's reveal during their E3 press conference). "I can't get into specifics, but for right now I just want to keep the comment that yes, I have funding sources outside Kickstarter that I collected through my company YS Net, and that will combine with the Kickstarter for this project," he said last month.

Shaun Prescott
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