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Sea of Thieves trailers show ship battles, scouting and skeletons

Well, that's gone and done it. I was pretty happy in my relative ignorance of Rare's open world, online co-op pirate adventure Sea of Thieves, but now—after watching the following videos—it is a game I must play, one way or the other. Joe 'Bluebeard' Donnelly took a look at the first 'developer gameplay' video back in February, in which a bunch of Sea of Thieves devs and Insider Programme members played the game together, getting into all sorts of buccaneering mischief. Since then, a second dev video has appeared, and now a third, both of which I'll link below.

In video 2, the developers do a bit of treasure-hunting, and a bit of sailing, before engaging in a spot of ship-to-ship battling. That returns for video 3, which also brilliantly features a moment where a boarding, rope-bound player overshoots to land with a comedic splash in the sea. For the third trailer, the co-op team includes head of Xbox Phil Spencer, who valiantly attempts to shoot an unarmed, swimming sailor. One thing it does not include, however, is a release date. (Although it's expected to launch sometime in the first half of this year.)

Sea of Thieves will be a Play Anywhere (cross-buy) game for PC and Xbox One, and I hope it finds an audience, because it looks like a lot of fun.