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Saints Row 4 also gets an E3 trailer, featuring nudity, swearing and mech suits

It's the Day of E3 Trailers, apparently, even though E3 is next week, and there's no law I'm aware of that prohibits games companies from releasing their videos on different days. Nevermind - it means we're afforded another look at the latest in the exponentially ridiculous Saints Row series. The following video features swearing, nudity, stupid hats, mech suits, and actor Keith David starring as 'Keith David'.

It's all kind of glorious, as you can see, with this latest video eschewing dubstep guns for an overblown Hollywood-style score and pixellated man-parts. A fair trade, I'm sure you'll agree. Saints Row 4/IV is due out August 20 in the US, and three days later everywhere else.