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Rayman Legends is free on the Epic Games Store

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Another week, another Epic Games Store freebie. This week, it's the colourful platformer, Rayman Legends (opens in new tab)' turn in the spotlight. 

Rayman Legends was first released on PC back in 2013. A four-player co-op platformer, Legends was the sequel to the equally colourful Rayman Origins (opens in new tab). You can check out the launch trailer above to get a better idea of what it's all about and honestly, it looks like a game that's hard not to like, even just a little bit. 

"With a crowd of friends around your PC, it's stupidly entertaining." said our 90/100 review (opens in new tab). What more could you ask for, honestly?

Rayman Legends is free to download now until December 6. Next week, you'll be able to get your hands on viking action-exploration romp Jotun: Valhalla Edition, so keep an eye out for it. 

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