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Payday 2: Big Bank DLC screenshots confirm that it is indeed a big bank

Payday 2 already featured a bank level, because it's a heist game and so didn't have much choice. Its upcoming DLC—the game's second paid-for heist after Armored Transport—is slightly different. It's a bigger bank. Big Bank will, in fact, be the game's largest heist to date, featuring larger, improved vaults, and better rewards for those able to crack them. Overkill have released a new set of screenshots, giving you a chance to pour over the details before you rob the joint this June 17th.

The heist also introduces a new contact: The Dentist, played by Giancarlo Esposito—Breaking Bad's Gustavo Fring. He's the linking factor between Big Bank and Payday 2's other upcoming DLC packs, Hoxton Breakout, The Diamond and Golden Grin Casino. You can watch him be characteristically menacing in this live-action trailer for the game's upcoming content.

Phil Savage
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