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Pathologic remake trailer is weird, fun, and lacking in game footage

I wouldn't normally pay these sorts of teasing marketing campaigns any heed, but when it's related to a SOMA or a new BioWare game or a remake of one of the most fascinating adventure/horror games out there, I suddenly pay meerkat-like attention. As we know , Ice-Pick Lodge's Pathologic is set to receive a remake—and now a countdown site has appeared online . In 27 days, eight hours, 38 minutes and 10...9...8 seconds something will happen, most likely the unleashing of a new bubonic plague or *cough* a link to the remake's Kickstarter page.

The following trailer tells us pretty much zip about Ice-Pick's Pathologic remake, other than that it will continue the general premise of the original, but it does offer a nice primer on the various horrible diseases humanity has had to put up with over the years. The one in Pathologic is called the Sand Plague, and it's a particularly nasty case of the sniffles that has ravaged an entire, unsettlingly strange town.

Judging by the timer on that teaser site, Pathologic's Kickstarter campaign should be launching around the 4th of September. If you've not played the original game, wrap your eyes and your ears and your brain around this: