BioWare's "You've Been Chosen" campaign asks a new question in a new teaser


Can you control your power? Sadly for the poor woman in BioWare's new " You've Been Chosen " teaser, the answer is a resounding "no," and now she's left trying to convince people that it's not her fault. This video is no more informative than its predecessors, but it does come with some pretty good news for gamers who aren't going to Gamescom.

This new trailer doesn't tell us much more than BioWare's previous two trailers, " Spark " and " Nightmare ." This time around, a young woman wanders through a suburban back yard in a daze, mumbling, "It's not my fault," as the camera pulls back to reveal a shattered house in the middle of a smoldering crater. Then it cuts to a black screen with the URL and a simple question: Can you control your power?

The site also provides more information about the expected Gamescom reveal, which will take place at a "special fan event" running from 3-7 pm CEST, which is 6-10 am PDT. The most interesting bit of news is that there will also be a one-hour live event on Twitch the same day, starting at 4 pm CEST/7am PDT, so you can get in on the fun even if you can't make it to Germany.

Andy Chalk

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