SOMA trailer takes you under the sea

Technology doesn't mix well with water, as anyone who's dropped their phone into a sink can tell you.* That's okay, though, because in SOMA, technology doesn't mix well with anything. Frictional's sci-fi horror is the subject of another trailer, this time skimming the depths of claustrophobic, paranoid isolation. As with previous trailers, it's not particularly forthcoming with details, but does reveal the game's somewhat surprising setting: a rust-covered research base at the bottom of the sea.

There's a running theme through previous trailers of machines who think they're human. As a result, it was assumed the game would take place in some futuristic locale—possibly even in space. Instead, it seems that humanity still hasn't learned the lessons of Bioshock: that combining sea and science is never a good idea.

SOMA is due out in 2015.

*I assume. I definitely didn't do that only a few weeks into an eighteen month contract with no insurance, because that would have been really stupid and embarrassing probably.

Phil Savage

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