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Overkill are making a The Walking Dead game

Overkill Software—you know, the guys who made Payday and Payday 2—have announced that they're making a new game based on The Walking Dead. Described as a co-op FPS "with elements of action, role-playing, survival horror and stealth", we can only hope it'll better than Activision's attempt to turn the series into a shooter.

Here's a suitably harrowing trailer.

With a 2016 release date, it's a bit early to tell exactly what the game will involve. On the one hand, The Walking Dead doesn't map especially well to a shooter format. On the other hand, survival games tend to be slower-paced and with an emphasis on human interaction. On the third hand (?), it's not like we're short on survival games.

Still, even with plenty of competition, utilising The Walking Dead licence is a smart move to hold people's interest. And franchise creator Robert Kirkman seems smitten with the project .

Payday 2 fans could have something to look forward to as well. "In true OVERKILL spirit, we'll make some unprecedented crossovers," they announce in an FAQ . "When Washington falls, what will Dallas do? If you own PAYDAY 2, you can answer this question in OVERKILL's The Walking Dead.

Phil Savage
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