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Nvidia man says PCs are "superior to any console" for gaming, Earth continues to orbit Sun

In case you hadn't noticed, this site is called PC Gamer. As you might expect from that title, we're pretty keen on PC games and the PCs that play them. So when an employee of Nvidia says something to the effect of "the PC platform is far superior to any console when it comes to gaming," part of me thinks, "well yes, obviously it is." Of course, part of me also thinks, "well yes, you would say that, because your competitor is making graphics chips for both next-gen consoles."

"We are proposing small form-factor PCs to be a viable alternative to the next-gen consoles. Enthusiast players want the ultimate games system and that is the PC," Matt Wright, Nvidia consumer sales manager, told MCV .

"The PC platform is far superior to any console when it comes to gaming, plus you get all the extra functionality that a computer brings."

"Steam now has more users than Xbox Live," he finished. "There is a whole new generation who grew up playing on PC with titles like Minecraft or World of Tanks. There's a huge community who love playing their games on PC."

Nvidia clearly have an interest in bigging up the PC as a gaming platform, especially now they've launched a range of small form factor PCs , and that means there's a clear bias. Even so, that doesn't stop what Wright says from being largely true. Again, this site is called PC Gamer, so yes, that might also be a bias. But it's still true.

You know, except for when it isn't. But for those moments, we have this gif .

Phil Savage
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