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No More Room in Hell update adds new maps, characters and difficulty mode

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Originally a Half-Life 2 mod (and the winner of our 2012 'Mod of the Year' gong), No More Room in Hell 's standalone edition has just had a major update. The eight-player coop horror is now expanded with four new maps, three new characters, a new gun and a new 'casual' game mode.

Three new objective-based maps have been introduced in the form of 'Brooklyn', 'Cleopas' and 'Zephyr', while a new Survival map entitled 'Midwest' is also available. Three new playable characters are also new, with intimidating names like Butcher, Badass and Roje. A new weapon, the FN FAL, is also unlocked.

Most interesting is the introduction of a new 'casual' game mode. Casual mode makes limits on respawning more lenient, while each player will spawn with a melee weapon. Players can drop in and out of a game at any time, while respawns occur close to team members, removing some of the stress of reuniting after death.

Full details on the 1.08 update are on the No More Room in Hell site .

Shaun Prescott
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