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What's the next Fortnite Crew skin?

One of the best offers in gaming right now is Fortnite Crew, the subscription-based service that gets players free V-bucks and cosmetics every month. Each month's new skin is entirely exclusive to Fortnite Crew subscribers, and Epic has promised that will never change. So no buying Green Arrow or Vi in the item shop.

That's made Fortnite fans eager to learn all they can about the new Fortnite Crew skin, at least to see if it's still worth subscribing. We've scoured the internet for all the latest leaks and official announcements so you know what you're getting for your $12.

Llambro: March Fortnite Crew Skin

Starting March 1 (technically February 28 at 7 PM ET), Fortnite Crew subscribers will gain access to Llambro, a new riff on the popular Yonder/Llama skin. Rather than wearing a DJ helmet, Llambro is decked out in more modest rainbow vest and black jeans. He also comes with the Puffcorn Pick Axe, the Up North Back Bling, and the rainbow Llegend Wrap. In addition to the cosmetics, players also get the usual 1,000 V-bucks to use as they like.

fortnite crew skin

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Here's a look at the Llambro skin in-game. That back bling isn't anything terribly original, seeing as it's similar to other backpack-style cosmetics, but it certainly fits with the frigid aesthetic.

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If you still want February's Fortnite Crew skin, the fox-hooded Vi, just make sure you're subscribed before 7 PM ET on February 28.

April Fortnite Crew skin: What we know so far

Since Llambro was very recently confirmed by Epic, details on April's Fortnite Crew skin are understandably very sparse. Odds are that the usual assortment of data miners will uncover some info in the near future, though. So check this article later for any updates.

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