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Need for Speed Payback trailer shows off the 2018 BMW M5

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The classic videogame voice in your ear—always there, always telling you about things you're presently seeing on your screen—is about as chatty as they get in the new Need For Speed Payback trailer out of Gamescom. "Crap! Cops! They're coming from everywhere!" he says, as cops come from everywhere.

The trailer isn't as interesting as the gameplay trailer from June, but it does debut the 2018 BMW M5, which will be driveable in the game before the real thing is available in the spring.

The best press release quote I've read in some time comes from BMW M Division president Frank van Meel, who says: "The M is not only synonymous for the world’s most powerful letter, but has also become a synonym worldwide for the prototype of the Ultimate Driving Machine." So true.

Car and Driver has more about the superpowered sedan—I'll leave the details
to the car experts—and we'll be able to virtually drive it when Need for Speed Payback releases November 10 on Origin, or a bit earlier for those with Origin Access. Details on the launch roll out can be found here.

Tyler Wilde
Tyler Wilde

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