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Momentous puzzle-platformer The Sun and Moon is being expanded, out this October

The Sun and Moon is a clever, lovely, cleverly lovely puzzle-platformer unlike any other puzzle-platformer you've played. You play as a sort of ball thing, and you don't leap around by jumping but by travelling through walls and using the momentum to push yourself out and upwards. It's a bit hard to explain using our Earth words, but thankfully a trailer exists of its expanded follow-up after the break. Oh yeah, that's the other thing: The Sun and Moon is currently being fleshed out into a 'full' release, which you'll be able to play in exchange for money over on Steam.

Have a gawk at this:

Your goal in each level (and there appear to be quite a few stages in this new version, as spied in that trailer) is to snaffle three orbs before entering a wormhole, something that, as in life, can be far easier said than done. The Sun and Moon is coming to Steam on October 31st, and unless it contains a surprise appearance by Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees, it doesn't seem like a very Halloweeny game. While you wait, have a go at the original free browser game.