Mass Effect trilogy, Trine, and more are coming to Origin Access

Origin Access, EA's subscription-based service that provides unlimited access to select games on Origin in exchange for £4/€4/$5 per month, is adding eight new games to its lineup, including the entire Mass Effect trilogy. 

Mass Effect on its own is pretty big news—that's a whole big pile of gaming right there, and one of the finest action-RPG epics ever made, ending and all—but the service will also be adding the wonderful fairy tale platformers Trine and Trine 2: Complete Story, Gaslamp's hit RPG Dungeons of Dredmor, the Second World War FPS Medial of Honor: Allied Assault, and PopCap's popular Pachinko-like Peggle. Origin Access subscribers will also be given early access to Mirror's Edge Catalyst through a “Play First Trial,” although that bit of news was actually announced back in February, when the closed beta signups began. 

It's a substantial addition to the lineup—the Vault, as EA calls it—especially given that the service currently only offers about 20 games in total. Is it enough to make it worth a fiver every month? That, only you can say. Hard rollout dates for the new additions to Origin Access haven't been announced, only that they'll added in May and June.