HTC Vive Australian price is $1,416 including shipping

HTC Vive

Following the rollout of yesterday's international pricing details for the HTC Vive, come some more details specific to Australia. The short version is this: according to today's exchange rate (01/03/16), the Vive will cost $1,416 Australian dollars (that's $899 US dollars, plus an 'estimated' US$110 for shipping). That total includes shipping, GST, the headset, two wireless controllers and all other associated peripherals.

Meanwhile, the units will start shipping to Australians in May – a month later than the April 5 date provided yesterday. Orders are open right now.

Compare that to the Oculus Rift: it costs US$649, with an estimated shipping total of $139. As of today, preordering an Oculus Rift would cost $1,106 Australian dollars. If you're determined to be an early adopter but don't know which headset to buy, Wes compared the Oculus and Vive just last month.