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How to get all toasty by the Fortnite fireplace

warm yourself fortnite fireplace
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How do you warm yourself by the fireplace in Fortnite? There are plenty of things to do in the cosy new Winterfest Cabin in Fortnite: you can open some Fortnite presents every 24 hours for two weeks, open a stocking every day to get yourself one of the new Fortnite Winterfest challenges, and shake off the wintry chill of battle royale by a log fire.

There's really nothing like a warming yourself by the Fortnite fireplace. You might not actually get any real heat from it, but you can at least pretend and leave it on your monitor in the background as you exchange gifts with your loved ones. You do at least get lots of XP from it. Anyway, here's how to complete the latest quest.

How to warm yourself by the fireplace in Fortnite

You'll have visited the Winterfest Cabin plenty of times by now to get your daily challenges and presents. However, it may not be clear at first how you warm yourself by the fire in the centre of your screen when in the cabin. You do it by clicking on the Nutcracker sitting in his chair on the right—it'll say 'Happy Winterfest' above him.

This then gives you the chance to click on the fireplace, which is now on the left side of your screen. Now it'll say 'Toasty' on top of it. Once you've clicked on it you'll get a supercharged XP while you're warming yourself.

From there that's you done: the challenge should now be complete and you can claim your reward. The fun doesn't end there, however: here are the remaining Winterfest missions:

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