Where to find campfires in Fortnite

Fortnite - a player stands in front of a lit campfire
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If you're trying to figure out where to find campfires in Fortnite, don't worry; you're never too far from a hearty fireside chat. Chilling by a campfire warms the soul and can help you complete Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2's week seven quest to light three campfires. Break open the marshmallows and graham crackers as we tell you the fastest way to find and light campfires in Fortnite.

Campfires have been around the map for a while now, and while they may look like low key environment flavor, they actually provide a neat boon. Sit beside and interact with the fire (or donate wood, if you aren't playing No Build mode) and you'll be healed back to full health. These cozy rest points can come in clutch during heated matches, so check out this map with all the possible campfire locations:

Fortnite campfire location spawns

Find on Fortnite.gg (Image credit: Fortnite.gg)

As you can see, campfires spawn pretty much everywhere around Fortnite's map. A closer look shows us that they're more bountiful around the edges of the map; specifically the green plains near Steamy Springs, the autumn tones of Breakwater Bay, and the northern tundra of Brutal Bastion. If you're aiming to complete the challenge quickly, you should be able to finish it during the first few minutes of your drop if you land in one of the those points of interest.

Another way to quickly blaze through this quest is to reach a campfire in the standard, build-focused Battle Royale as you'll be able to relight the flame if you have enough wood materials. If you collect 60 wood, you can sit by the same campfire and relight it two additional times and you'll complete the quest without moving an inch.

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