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Hotline Miami teaser promises trailer soon (updated)

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Update: The Twitter account and teaser are not official. Hotline Miami developer Dennaton confirmed that no sequel was in development, unfortunately. It's still a neat teaser and the full trailer should be worth keeping an eye out for.

Original story: A new Twitter account referencing Hotline Miami's original protagonist popped up over the weekend, posting a single video. It's a short, slick and appropriately gory teaser of a fight frozen in time that perfectly matches the series' tone and aesthetic, even though it appears to be live action. It ends with the promise of a trailer coming soon. 

Though it's clearly connected to Hotline Miami, it could be a fan film or some other kind of unofficial project. The Twitter account is new, unverified and, while it follows some people involved with the game, it has hardly any followers. It does link back to the Hotline Miami website, however. 

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It looks good enough to be an official teaser, but a lot of fan projects are extremely high quality, so that alone doesn't mean Hotline Miami 3 is coming. That it's not presenting itself as a fan creation does at least suggest it's trying to appear official. Regardless, the full trailer should be a grisly treat.

Cheers, GamesRadar.

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