Hellraid announced: a game about raiding the armies of hell

In a win for self-descriptive naming, here's Hellraid: a first-person co-op hack 'n slash RPG about raiding the armies of hell. It's being made by Techland, who have form with back-to-basics game naming, having previously brought us Dead Island: a game about an island full of dead people. This time, they're swapping shambling zombie corpses for the similarly undead, but generally less putrefied, demonic hordes.

On top of their four-player campaign co-op, Techland are also teasing what they're calling the Game Master - their equivalent of Left 4 Dead's AI Director. The GM will randomise loot and enemies, and supposedly generate online challenges which the developers hope will keep players busy with a constant trickle of shifting content.

Beyond that, the usual ARPG features are planned, including weapon crafting, armour customisation and character progression. Hellraid is due out later this year on PC and consoles. More info at their website .

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