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Get a first look at The Walking Dead's Negan fighting in Tekken 7

The Walking Dead’s Negan got his proper Tekken 7 unveiling at the Tekken World Tour Finals. The bizarre crossover was teased back in August, but now you can see how he fights. And, it turns out, he fights like a some guy with a baseball bat.

Bandai Namco recreated a scene from the show, with Tekken characters replacing the cast of The Walking Dead, aside from Negan. If you’re not caught up on the show, it might count as a bit of a spoiler. It’s a grim scene and a weird introduction to a new character. 

Take a gander at the reveal below.

His fighting style is pretty simple: he hits things with his bat and he hits them very hard. In a game that’s had demons, robots, dinosaurs and kangaroos, a man with a bat is pretty conservative. 

“When it purely comes to fighting, Tekken 7 is glorious fun,” Dave Houghton said in his Tekken 7 review. Of course it should be, given that its combat model is only a slight refinement of the expansive, immediate and free-flowing set-up perfected some time around Tekken 3 on the PlayStation. But an improved version of a near-perfect thing is nothing to be sniffed at.“

Negan doesn’t have a release date yet, but he's part of the second season pass.