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Gauntlet's pre-E3 "Relics" trailer shows off some flashy ways to kill


The '80s were a long time ago, so I don't remember all that much about the original Gauntlet stand-up in the arcades. But as I recall your primary weapons against the overwhelming hordes of evil were food and quarters. The new Gauntlet takes a somewhat more modern approach, according to this new pre-E3 trailer, allowing players to gear up with "relics" that will enable all sorts of new and interesting ways to turn enemies into paste.

A guy with a sword – even a big guy with a big sword – can only do so much damage at once. It's a limitation that becomes especially problematic when you're facing a room packed with 30 other big guys with big swords, all looking to do you harm. The solution? Relics: Powerful magical items that grant players unique and deadly abilities. Apparently they make you look pretty cool, too.

I had my doubts when the rebooted Gauntlet was first announced but I like the looks of what I've seen so far. I don't think we're in for any kind of Meaningful RPG Experience with it, but as a high-velocity monster-masher, it might be alright. Look for it to make a digital debut on September 3 as part of the launch of the WB Games Vault.

Andy Chalk
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