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Gauntlet reboot announced, is being developed by Magicka's creators

Outside of Kickstarter, the revival of old franchises is often a thing to dread. Usually, their announcement comes with terrible omens like "iOS" and "in-app purchases". Not so for Gauntlet, which, on the basis of the announcement trailer, will be a Steam exclusive. Perhaps more encouraging is who's responsible for it. Magicka creators Arrowhead are taking the reigns of this Warner Brothers-published dungeon crawling reboot.

As with the original games, players will be able to select between the Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie and Elf, with each... hold on, that's a bit speciesist isn't it? Are we saying Elves can only be nimble, ranged hunters? Way to propagate the stereotype, guys.

Anyway, each class offers a different style through the traps and monsters of the game's procedurally generated dungeons. It certainly looks like an enjoyable arcade romp, with plenty of enemies to unleash chaotic powers upon. The video shows the sort of slapstick gib-fest that is definitely in keeping with Arrowhead's previous work.

Gauntlet is due out this Summer.

Phil Savage
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