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Free action game Goreball offers some sublime physics fun

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

The name, of course, is excellent, although it only sort of fits, as there isn't really any gore to speak of in Goreball. Instead, the demonic enemies you square off against will readily explode in clouds of bitty pixels. It's still an excellent sight, however, as it means there's one less monster left in each difficult, puzzley level.

Goreball is a game about flinging a big ball around, which you do by aiming with the mouse and holding left click. When you release, the ball will shoot off ahead you, with the strength of the shot depending on how long you've held down the left mouse button. The ball will bounce off walls and enemies alike, pinging about like a slightly more murderous pinball.

In each stage you're trying to kill all the enemies, and without taking a hit and dying yourself in the process. It's a fairly tough game, like a more minimalist Hotline Miami, but in smaller, less interactive stages, and with its enemies sporting only simplistic AI. It's great fun though, because the goreball of the title—that ridiculous bouncing pinball—feels hugely satisfying to use, again and again.

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