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Fortnite servers reinstated after temporary down time (Updated)

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Update: As outlined in our original story below, Epic disabled Fortnite's servers earlier. The developer sought to "further investigate the root cause" of the problem, and, it seems, all is now well. 

"We're back up and our services are looking healthy!" says the battle royale's official Twitter account, as featured above. "You may encounter a waiting room as you log back in."

I've just now logged back in myself without any delays. And if you missed our, ahem, modest coverage of the fifth campaign yesterday—here's everything we know about Fortnite Season 5 (opens in new tab).    

Original story: 

Epic has just announced it is taking Fortnite's servers down temporarily, due to ongoing server issues following the roll out of Season 5 earlier today. 

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"We're currently investigating issues with our game services, which include matchmaking and login, " the studio tweeted earlier today. Then, a little later: "We're taking servers down to further investigate the root cause, we'll keep you updated on the status as we dig in."

History suggests they'll have it sorted pretty quickly, but in the meantime you can check the game's online status here.

Season 5 launched earlier today to much fanfare. For all the patch notes and changes, Joe has you sorted. Or, if you'd like to take a leisurely tour of the update's new environments, this video is neat.