Fortnite Season 5's v5.0 patch notes and opening cinematic

Everything we know about Fortnite Season 5 points us towards visitors from space, mysterious TV signals, and tears in the fabric of reality. Everything detailed in Fortnite Season 5's patch notes points us towards a new All Terrain Kart, Rifts that'll take us for a "wild ride", and a string of new biomes.

The new All Terrain Kart has space for your entire squad, so says update v5.0's patch notes. It provides a speed boost after drifting, the roof acts as a bounce pad, and you can "work together as rear passengers to leap over obstacles". And you thought the game's shopping carts reflected Jackass. 

On the biomes front, Paradise Palms, Lazy Links and a Desert have entered the fold, and a few as yet unnamed places of interest—"viking ships, desert outposts, and ancient statues"—have also popped up across the island. Update v5.0's patch notes inform the centres of Storm Circles 7, 8 and 9 can now shift in random directions, as opposed to shrinking as normal. "As the storm closes in," says Epic on that, "it will move and shrink to the new location."

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The pellet spread of shotguns is no longer random, but they now have an added delay after firing. Players have wanted this for a while, but it'll be interesting to see how/if the delay affects the fan favourite going forward. 

From hereon, weekly challenges will be split into two—free and Battle Pass. The first three challenges will remain complementary, while the back four will be exclusive to Battle Pass owners. Epic says the threshold to unlock the weekly challenge reward stays at four. 

Elsewhere, Save the World gets a Challenge the Horde survival mode, a group of Wild West Heroes, and a range of Flintlock Weapons. Check out all of those in full here, and I'll leave you with Season 5's Battle Pass trailer.