Where to find Fortnite's hidden Fortbytes

New to Fortnite Season 9 are Fortbytes, collectibles released throughout the season that slowly reveal a mysterious picture. What that picture is and why it matters are unknown, but here's what we do know: collecting Fortbytes unlocks new styles for Season 9 cosmetics. Gotta look good in battle royale and creative mode. Earning most Fortbytes is a matter of attrition—leveling up, placing in the top 10, reaching higher battle pass tiers—so this guide will focus on where to find Fortbytes hidden around the map. We'll be sure to update with every Fortbyte location as soon as they're unlocked, so you'll want to keep tabs on this guide.

Today's new Fortbyte - Fortbyte 6

Fortbyte 6 is in the ice cream shop in the desert. You won't be able to miss the Sofdeez sign, and you'll find the place at the side of the race track. You'll find it in front of the counter, and you'll need to do the 'Yay!' emote, unlocked in this season's Battle Pass at Tier 14, to tick it off. 

Fortbyte 72 - Found in Salty Springs

You'll find this one in an overturned car in Salty Springs, out in a fairly open area, near some orange barriers. Simple stuff. 

Keep scrolling for the full list of hidden Fortbytes so far. 

Fortbyte 8 - Found within Junk Junction 

Head into the main building at Junk Junction. It's on the bed. Easy-peasy. 

Fortbyte 13 location - Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen 2

Collectibles and human waste complement one another very well, and this Fortbyte is a perfect example. Head to the three dinos south of Paradise Palms, then check out the outhouse behind the visitor center. The Fortbyte is hidden inside. 

Fortbyte 17 location - Found inside a wooden fish building

To find this Fortbyte, head to the hot springs just northeast of Lazy Lagoon. You'll find it inside of the wooden fish. Check the tail. 

Fortbyte 24 location -  Found within Fatal Fields

This Fortbyte's an easy get. Just head to the house at Fatal Fields and you'll find it behind the drafting board on the second floor. 

Fortbyte 36 location - Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island

Dress as Sentinel to claim this Fortbyte. There are only two frozen islands on the map, so head to the westmost berg and you'll find the Fortbyte behind the rocks on its southern tip. 

Fortbyte 47 location - Found between a Reboot Van, pirate camp, and a crashed battlebus

For this Fortbyte, it's easiest to start at the pirate camp west of Lazy Lagoon. Head directly south into the jungle. The Fortbyte is hanging out where the dirt path splits.

Fortbyte 55 location - Found within Haunted Hills

This Fortbyte is hidden in the building just east of the church in Haunted Hills. Make sure it's not a ghost, then claim it. 

Fortbyte 64 location - Accesible by Rox on top of Stunt Mountain 

Another simple Fortbyte. Just dress up as Rox and head to Stunt Mountain, the one with the ring of trees and ramps and driftboards just south of Pleasant Park.

Fortbyte 81 location - Accessible in the daytime near a mountain top cactus wedge

This one is all about timing, with a little luck. To collect the Fortbyte, head to the mountain just southeast of Paradise Palms. It's sitting in the skeleton near the southern edge. The big caveat: it's gotta be daytime. Hopefully it's day when you land, otherwise you'll need to wait around and hope everyone has the same goal in mind. 

Fortbyte 82 location - Accessible by solving the pressure plate puzzle NW of The Block

You'll need friends or some kind strangers to get this Fortbyte. As the prompt says, head northwest of The Block into a small grove of trees. Three pressure plates surround the Fortbyte, which isn't activated until all three plates have someone standing on them. Squad up, if you can, and take turns standing on plates while one person grabs it. It's possible to grab in Solos while the challenge is still fresh, too, assuming enough friendly folks land there with the same goal in mind. 

Fortbyte 92 location - Accessible by using Rock Love Spray near a lavafall

To find Fortbyte 92, you'll need to have the Rock Love spray equipped. It's one of the first items in the battle pass, so you likely have it already. The Fortbyte is located at the mouth of the lava river just south of the Pressure Plant. Spray the lovely painting somewhere nearby and the Fortbyte will activate. Kiss it tend—er, I mean, claim it.