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Fight wintry colossi in the Team ICO-inspired Prey for the Gods

Prey for the Gods

Plenty of games have been inspired by the wonderful, minimalist Shadow of the Colossus. However, making a 3D game firmly in that mould is quite the undertaking, and one that only Prey for the Gods, to my knowledge, is attempting to pull off. It's a game about fighting giant colossi in a wintry wonderland, and the first trailer is hitting all the right notes.

As a "lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world", you have to investigate what's causing a damnable eternal winter, seemingly by climbing giant furry monsters that want to squish you. Developer No Matter hasn't revealed much more than that yet, but the three-person dev team's first trailer made me go "oooh" in an approving way, so I think they might be onto something. (Ta, PCGamesN.)