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DayZ veterans Dean Hall and Brian Hicks are working together on a 'massive' survival game

DayZ Livonia map
(Image credit: Bohemia Interactive)

Dean Hall, the creator of the original DayZ mod, and Brian Hicks, the former creative director on that game's standalone version, have teamed up again. Dean Hall made the announcement on Twitter today, writing that Hicks has joined Rocketwerkz as executive producer on a forthcoming, unannounced survival game.

After the huge, unexpected success of the original DayZ Arma 2 mod, Dean Hall worked on the standalone version at Bohemia Interactive before stepping down in 2014. He then founded Rocketwerkz, which has so far shipped the space station construction sim Stationeers, and VR strategy game Out of Ammo.

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According to the Rocketwerkz website, the studio is currently recruiting for a "new AAA studio", with roles including Unreal programmer and 3D props and environments artist.

Brian Hicks departed Bohemia Interactive in 2018, shortly before DayZ released into 1.0 after years in Early Access. In a tweet, Brian Hicks confirmed he will be relocating to New Zealand, where Rocketwerkz' offices are based.

Andy reviewed DayZ upon its full 1.0 release in 2018, writing that "it has the power to create incredible stories, but the twitchy, weightless combat and buggy zombies let it down."

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