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Dark Souls 3 is $12 in the new Humble Monthly Bundle

The Humble Monthly Bundle for February is the Dark Souls of Humble Bundles (sorry, Austin), because Dark Souls 3 is this month's featured game. For $12, you get it, the Ashes of Ariandel DLC, and a bunch of other games that will be revealed at the beginning of March. 

Dark Souls 3 is notoriously difficult, but also terrifically good, as James passionately laid out in his review. It's also reflected in the fact that it remains at full price on Steam, making this bundle a really good way to pick it up if you're curious but not entirely convinced. The Ashes of Ariandel DLC by itself sells for more than the cost of this bundle. 

The bundle will be available for purchase throughout February, and the rest of the games will be revealed once it's over—although Humble might lift the curtain on one more midway through, as it did with Owlboy in last month's bundle. That package included Civilization 6 and two DLC packs, plus Life is Strange, Tacoma, Black: The Fall, Snake Pass, The Norwood Suite, and Fortune 499.   

The Humble Monthly Bundle is technically a subscription service, but you can cancel whenever you want and keep any games you've acquired, so you can effectively pick and choose bundles as you see fit. Details and purchase links are up at

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