Get Civilization 6 and two DLC packs for $12 in latest Humble Monthly bundle (Updated)

Update: The monthly bundle now offers Owlboy along with Civ 6 as an instant unlock for subscribers. Owlboy is a "lush, story-driven" Metroidvania platformer, we said in our November 2016 review, that "feels painstakingly, lovingly crafted ... with surprising new twists, turns and mechanics for each plot beat." 

Original story:

If you've ever wanted to play Civilization 6 but found yourself put off by the $60/£50 price tag, then you're in luck. The game, plus two DLC packs, are the early unlocks available to anyone that purchases the next Humble Monthly bundle (opens in new tab), which you can pick up for just $12.

The brilliant (opens in new tab) turn-based strategy game has had the odd 50%-off sale, but its price has never been anywhere near this low. It really is an incredible deal, offering the base game alongside its Viking-inspired DLC and its Australian scenario pack, which normally cost £3.99/$4.99 each. 

The bundle is a subscription service, but you can just pay $12 for one and then cancel before the next one arrives. You'll immediately get Civilization 6, and then the other eight or so games in the bundle will unlock next month. You don't know what those other games will be, but usually you'll get a few decent ones. And besides, it's worth it for Civilization 6 alone.

I don't normally dabble with the monthly bundles, but I think I'll bite on this one and put some time into the game before the huge Rise and Fall expansion (opens in new tab) comes out next month. That expansion faced criticism this week for its portrayal of the Cree (opens in new tab).

Pick the bundle up here (opens in new tab).

Samuel Horti

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