Cheap gaming TV deals: save on 4K panels for your PC

Cheap gaming TV deals

As a proud PC player, why would you need cheap gaming TV deals anyway? Surely it's all about monitors, right? You simply can't replicate that response rate or refresh rate on a gaming 4K TV, no matter how much you spend. Well, yes, that's true but 4K TVs have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, especially for PC functionality, so they're becoming an increasingly good option if you're looking for a larger screen and you want to pay much less for 4K gaming. Yes, you sacrifice that 1ms response rate but... you potentially get a bigger screen for a fraction of the price of one of the best gaming monitors.

While Black Friday is undoubtedly the time to bag a cheap gaming TV for the year, you can still find great offers each week, if you know what to look for. March is actually a great time to buy a new TV if you're looking for a Samsung, as the company has started to roll out its new QLED range, meaning last year's models (which are amazing panels) are going VERY cheap.

Below are the cheapest deals on gaming TVs right now, with 'best savings' up top, and actual sub-$500 4K TVs beneath that.

Cheap gaming TV deals - best prices

Samsung 65" 4K QLED (Q8FN)| $1,699 ($1400 off)
This is one of our best 4K TV for gaming picks. Getting this high-quality LED TV is well worth the investment, as it's cheaper than the Q9 but comparable for performance. Buy at Walmart.

LG 55" OLED (C8PUA) | $1696.99 (save $1100)
If you're going OLED instead of QLED, for deeper blacks, this is the TV you need. It's pricey, but the picture on this LG set is unrivalled. It's also super thin, and will look incredible in your living room. Buy at Walmart.

Samsung 75" QLED 4K TV | $1819 (Save $2360)
Wanna go really, really big? This giant Samsung QLED generally goes for over $4,000, but you can grab at at Walmart for just under $2000. Samsung's QLED's are excellent, and if you want a bigger TV this is a sweet deal. Buy at Amazon

Samsung 55" 4K QLED TV (Q6FN) | $779 ($620 off)
Upgrading to a QLED screen is pricey, but deals like this one put the superior LED color range into a more manageable price range. Not as good as the Q8FN, but still a great pick. Buy at Walmart

Samsung 55” 4K QLED TV (Q7F) | $1,089 ($1200 off)
A great deal on this TV that sits in between the Q8 and the Q6. While you can spend a bit more and get a Q8, this is a good saving on a TV that lasts you years. Buy at Amazon

Cheap gaming TVs under $500

Toshiba 55" 4K Fire TV Edition | $399.99 ($50 off)
Want a mid-sized 4K TV for 400 bucks? This Toshiba isn't top-of-the-line, but it's fairly well-reviewed and the price is right. Buy at Amazon

TCL 55-Inch 4K Roku Smart LED TV | $349 ($250 off)
A decent budget option, and almost the lowest it's ever been priced, which was $342 back in July. TCL's TVs get better each year, so this is a decent buy. Buy from Walmart

Samsung 50" 4K TV (NU7200) | $417.99 (was $694.99)
This is a great TV at a reasonable size. Samsung offer some of the most reliable sets when it comes to mid-priced TVs, and with the manufacturer looking to push QLED so hard, you can pick up its regular 4K TVs at low prices. Buy at

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