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Get a Blue Yeti microphone for 32% off on Amazon

If you're hoping to pick up a new gaming mic during Cyber Monday, hop on this deal. This Blue Yeti microphone is 32% off at Amazon. That's $87.13 for a mic that typically costs $129. Considering the Blue Yeti is at the top of our list of the best microphones for gaming and streaming, this is a great deal for a high quality mic.

This applies to the space gray version, but there are a number of other colors to choose from, many also discounted though not as steeply.

Blue Yeti Microphone | $87.13 (save $41.87)
Our most highly recommended microphone for gaming and streaming, on sale for 32% off. Buy at Amazon

If you're looking for a game to go with your mic, there's also Best Buy bundle that wraps Fallout 76 with a Blue Yeti for a combined price of $100, down from $150. Our review of Fallout 76 isn't exactly glowing, but if you're in the market for a mic and were thinking of picking up the game at a discount, this is a nice deal.

Blue Yeti + Fallout 76 bundle | $100 (save $50)
Get a Blue Yeti microphone and a PC copy of Fallout 76 standard edition for a hundred bucks combined. Buy at Best Buy

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Christopher Livingston
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