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Ark: Survival Evolved turkey trail event introduces mighty Dodorex

Ark Survival Evolved

It's Thanksgiving, so this is the natural time to add giant fire-breathing Dodos to your game. Sadly you can only summon Ark: Survival Evolved's newest monster after harvesting wishbones from tough Super Turkeys. Alternatively, because this is a survival game in 2015, you can turn those Super Turkey bits into a "Chieftain" hat, modeled above.

You reportedly have to throw 1,000 wishbones into a cooking pot to summon the Dodorex, and he vanishes after 15 minutes. That probably isn't worth it. You'll need 60 to craft the new hat at the smithy, and that may also take a while, as Super Turkeys are uncommon creatures. So uncommon in fact that players have reported individual animals dropping more than one wishbone, which isn't how wishbones usually work.

The event started yesterday and runs until Tuesday December 1. The game is also 40% off in the current Steam sale, at £13.79 / $ 17.99, until the event is over. Watch the Dodorex in action in the video below. It might be the only one you see this weekend.

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