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All the videogame shows announced during Netflix's Geeked Week

Cuphead the Show Dice man.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Today saw a showcase marking the end of Netflix's Geeked Week and, along with some truly chronic host banter, a bunch of new videogame-related shows were announced. The standout was maybe Riot's Arcane, which looks simply beautiful, but there's plenty more to get your teeth into. Here's everything that was announced during the show.


We got our first look at Arcane, Riot's upcoming League of Legends animated series. And it looks absolutely awesome. You can watch the trailer above, and read up on everything we know about Arcane here.

Cuphead The Show

A new teaser for the upcoming Cuphead animated series revealed that Wayne Brady, he of Whose Line Is It Anyway and that wild Dave Chappelle sketch we all love, will provide the voice of King Dice.

King Dice is the Devil's right-hand man in Cuphead, and eventually a boss. I'm one of those who always loved the aesthetic of the game but never quite got on with the game itself, so I'm actually more stoked to watch a Cuphead show than play the thing. The animated series is expected to debut later this year.

A new Castlevania series


(Image credit: Netflix)

The current Castlevania series is wrapping up, but a new show from (mostly) the same creators has been announced. Set during the French Revolution, it will feature Richter Belmont and Maria Renard (from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood). Mass uprisings, rivers of blood and lots of pretty heads getting chopped off? Sounds like Castlevania to us.

Splinter Cell

The first shot of Sam Fisher in the upcoming Netflix series.

(Image credit: Netflix)

One of the bigger announcements, though sadly there were few details beyond the above teaser image of a notably mature and grizzled-looking Sam Fisher. The one nugget, however, is that the show is being written by Derek Kolstad, best-known as the creator of the John Wick movies.

Witcher season two teaser!

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Don't get too excited: we didn't get a good look at The Witcher season 2, but there is the above teaser (here's everything we know about the new season). For anything more substantial, we'll have to wait until...



(Image credit: Netflix / CD Projekt)

Nope, we didn't get a good look at The Witcher season 2 beyond a ten-second teaser. But there was the surprise announcement of WitcherCon, a co-presentation between CD Projekt Red and Netflix to be held July 9. That's interesting, since The Witcher Netflix series is an adaptation of the original Witcher novels, not the games. 

The image shows Geralt Geralt and Henry Geralt back-to-back, so it'll be curious to see what role CD Projekt's games will play in the presentation. 

Live-action Resident Evil with that dude from the Wire!

(Image credit: Comedy Central)

Lance Reddick was announced as the actor playing Albert Wesker in the upcoming live-action Resident Evil series. Reddick may be best known for his roles in the John Wick series and The Wire, but he's done a lot of work in games, too, from Destiny 2 to Horizon Zero Dawn. More cast members were announced (though not attached to specific roles) and there are some details about the plot, which will follow Wesker's children across two timelines: read all about it here.

Captain Laserhawk aka the Far Cry cartoon

Now this one is a bit bonkers, and is either going to be terrible or brilliant. Adi Shankar (executive producer of Dredd) announced Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix. The anime has been in development by Bobbypills animation studio since 2019, and the series will run for six episodes. Producers from Ubisoft include Hélène Juguet, Hugo Revon, and Gérard Guillemot.

Shankar elaborated a little on Twitter and, yeah, this is going to be something.

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Another Far Cry cartoon!

The Far Cry logo.

(Image credit: Ubisoft/Netflix)

But there's not really much else to say about it. The only thing shown was the Fry Cry logo. As one of the show's hosts was at pains to point out, this doesn't even indicate which flavour of Far Cry we're talking about.

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