Netflix's Splinter Cell series stars an older, grizzled Sam Fisher

The first shot of Sam Fisher in the upcoming Netflix series.
(Image credit: Netflix)

The first image of Netflix's upcoming Splinter Cell animation series was shown at today's Geeked showcase, and features an older-looking and somewhat weathered Sam Fisher. The show's hosts rather annoyingly kept referencing how long it's been since a Splinter Cell game (we know, tell Ubisoft!), though gave the barest of outlines about the show.

This version of Sam Fisher is "a former Navy Seal recruited to work for the mysterious 3rd echelon division within the NSA," said Geoff Keighley introducing the image. "It's all black ops missions, stealth and military tactics."

I'm up for an old Sam: we've got enough smooth-skinned youngsters out there already. Time for a dad beard.

Netflix unsurprisingly claimed that this Netflix show will have "a stacked talent team", though went some way to backing this up with the announcement that the show is being written by Derek Kolstad. Kolstad's written many action movies and worked on various TV shows, but is best-known as the creator and writer of the John Wick films.

Ubisoft is partnering with Netflix on the show, which will be produced by France's Fost studio (which last month opened a new office) and Sun Studios.

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