League of Legends' TV series looks brilliant and moody in this new clip

Arcane is the League of Legends animated TV series headed to Netflix this fall. The trailers Riot has released so far all look great, but during Netflix's Geeked Week showcase, we got our first real look at the show that isn't a hyperactive montage. And you know what? It looks awesome.

In the clip, Jinx is exploring a dilapidated building that might be something like an old arcade. Compared to the bombastic trailers, it's a quiet and somber snippet, in which Jinx finds an old boxing game that a flashback tells us used to be frequently used by Jinx's sister, Vi. For anyone familiar with League of Legends, Vi and Jinx both grew up as street kids on the mean streets of Piltover and Zaun, two joint cities with two very different lifestyles. Arcane is presumably an origin story for Jinx and Vi, and will explore how the former becomes an infamous terrorist while the later becomes the sheriff trying to stop her. There's obviously an intense sibling rivalry here, which is echoed in the clip when Jinx tries to beat Vi's high score on the boxing machine but can't.

It's a cool clip, which you can watch for yourself in the embed above. For more on Arcane, check out our guide to all the details we know so far.

Steven Messner

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