Asus announces 27-inch monitor aimed at console players who want a more PC-like experience

Asus added a new monitor to its growing lineup of gaming displays, the VG275Q. This one is a 27-inch 1080p display with a TN panel that is focused primarily on fast performance.

While Asus is billing this as a "console gaming monitor," the same benefits apply to PC gaming. Those include a low 1ms response time and FreeSync support for smoother game play.

Asus also touts "GameFast Input Technology," which it says further minimizes input lag. This applies to both HDMI inputs and the DisplayPort. There is also a VGA (D-Sub) connector.

Other specs include a 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 300 nits brightness, 72 percent coverage of the NTSC color space, and a pair of built-in 2W stereo speakers.

There is no USB hub on this monitor, though it does have two 3.5mm audio jacks and a Kensington lock slot. As for ergonomics, the VG275Q supports tilt (33 to -5 degrees), swivel (-90 to 90 degrees), pivot (90 to -90 degrees), and height (0-130mm) adjustments. It also has a VESA wall mount.

There is no mention of price or availability on the product page, though TechPowerUp says it will sell for around $300.

Paul Lilly

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