Ashes of Creation launches 'Summer Crowdfunding Extension' campaign

The ambitious MMO Ashes of Creation was successfully crowdfunded in just one day last month, before ultimately accumulating a staggering $3,271,809—this over its initial $750,000 ask. 

Steven dived deep into the project's contentious referral programme thereafter, which makes for interesting reading. Developer Intrepid Studios has now unveiled its 'Summer Crowdfunding Campaign', which marks an extension period designed to "benefit new backers as well as those who joined us on Kickstarter."

Alongside a number of crowdfunding packages, site visitors are met with the following message:

"Welcome to our Summer Exclusive Crowdfunding Campaign! With the end of our Kickstarter (which you can find here), we’ve been hearing from the community that many couldn’t participate due to the payment limitations of Kickstarter. In response to this, we came up with a campaign that benefits both new backers and those from the Kickstarter! This campaign will have new backer goals achievable by previous Kickstarter backers and new backers as they are unlocked. So, let’s take a look!" 

Said to facilitate an "easy way to add your stamp onto development by choosing a reward that best fits your budget", Intrepid also provides the following announcement video to explain what it's all about:

As per the game's Kickstarter campaign page, closed beta access for Ashes of Creation is for now scheduled for December, 2018.