MMO Ashes of Creation goes to Kickstarter and smashes its target in a day

MMOs aren't dead, they're just in dire need of a restorative kick in the shins. And Ashes of Creation looks like it might be trying to do just that: it's an ambitious project which got Tyler a bit excited recently, thanks to its reactive storytelling which can see sidequests, for example, dramatically effect the entire game world. 

Clearly he's not the only one excited: the game hit Kickstarter yesterday for some supplementary funding, and smashed its $750,000 target in a day. At the time of writing it's sitting on a pretty $948,921. But the game's development doesn't hinge on this crowdfunding campaign.

"We’ve got private backing that will allow us to produce a core viable product," Intrepid Studios writes. " Without you though, that’s what it will remain, minimally viable. What Kickstarter will allow us to do is expand our scope and give our team flexibility and room to breathe. To really give us the opportunity to create *exactly* what we want. 

"Crowdfunding also allows us to connect directly with the players most invested in our success. We need your voices to help grow this community, and to keep us accountable to those who matter most, the players."

Later on, the studio promises that if Ashes of Creation doesn't launch for whatever reason, all Kickstarter backers will be refunded in full. It's not too late to contribute either, in fact, you've got roughly 30 days to do so if you desire, and there's a bunch of stretch goals to anticipate.

Shaun Prescott

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