Apex Legends is bringing back its original map for the weekend

(Image credit: u/AaronThMi (via Reddit))

Kings Canyon was the first, and during the first two seasons, only map in Apex Legends. It went through a number of changes over those seasons, but the start of season 3 brought a brand-new map to fight on called World's Edge, and that was that for Kings Canyon. But starting tomorrow—and just for a little while—the canyon is coming back.

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This won't be the first time Kings Canyon has returned to Apex Legends—it was also playable in the 2019 Halloween event, and more recently in the Grand Soiree—but in both of those cases the map was modified, as Abandoned Night Kings Canyon and Kings Canyon After Dark. This will be the first time that the OG KC, in all its former glory (before an EMP and some big, stompy beasties trashed the place), will be returned to action.

It won't be the last, though: Apex Legends season 4 will be split into halves, with the first part fought on World's Edge while the second returns to Kings Canyon.

Andy Chalk

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