Apex Legends is throwing a two-week fancy party

Apex Legends is hosting an irresponsibly long party, starting on January 14 and running for two weeks. There won't be piles of Ferrero Rocher, I'm afraid, as this Grand Soirée is not that kind of party. Instead of fine dining and polite conversation, expect murder, new and returning limited-time modes, and prizes. 

The Grand Soirée will let you mess around in seven different modes, rotating every two days. Along with the returning modes, you'll also be able to try out some new stuff, like DUMMIE'S Big Day, but Respawn's not spilling the beans just yet. You'll need to wait until January 26 to find out what it's all about. 

Each mode comes with a trio of challenges, each netting you 1,000 points, which then gets added to the reward track to unlock prizes. Between January 17-20, you'll also be able to earn 500 more points by completing weekend challenges. There won't be pressure to play every day of the event, but it's worth at least playing every mode, as you'll net yourself a new badge. 

Dapper Legendary skins and art deco cosmetics will be available in the shop, too, but you'll also be able to find six new skins through crafting or in Apex Packs.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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