An extremely loud bug is jumpscaring the snot out of Destiny players

The monster Golgoroth from Destiny 2's king's fall raid. It is a large ogre-like humanoid with a bulbous eyeless head.
(Image credit: Bungie)

A gruesomely loud bug has interrupted the Destiny 2 community's normally joyous new raid release, as some players who die during the Golgoroth fight in King's Fall are left with ringing ears as a stupendously loud roaring noise kicks in. Obviously many videos embedded and linked to in this article include a very loud noise, so please be aware before you proceed.

golgoroth_ogre_of_one_terrible_scream_volume from r/destiny2

That noise, captured and posted to Reddit by -Oriea-, "woke me up real quick after 11 hours into Kings Fall Day 1." 

And I can't say that I'm surprised. I hope nobody's already playing at irresponsibly loud levels, because with the right earphones that'll do some real damage to your hearing. There are videos and posts around of people reporting jumpscares to the noise, or streamers ripping off their headphones as the noise kicks in. "Ow, I'm deaf," says one in a clip.

Bungie is aware of the issue and working on a fix, and has publicly stated that the bug exists: "It’s recommended to lower your audio output when fighting Golgoroth until a fix can be implemented," they say. That message comes a bit late for some. Here, for example, is a pretty wonderful jumpscare:

I love it because the man literally clutches at his chest afterwards. Hitting that 120bpm threshold of pure adrenaline, I'd say.

Golgoroth is the second boss in King's Fall. It's a beast more known for the maze heading into the fight than for the fight itself, which is a big sack of health with waves of enemies and a mechanic that forces players to shoot little orbs.

It's probably not the most significant bug affecting the new Season of Plunder. That award goes to the one that forced Bungie to disable everyone's grenade launchers. It is by far the funnier bug, though.

Otherwise folks seem pretty happy to take a trip down memory lane into King's Fall, which is actually a raid from the first Destiny making a return as seasonal content. The Season of Plunder also includes pretty sweet stuff, like how you can yeet yourself out of a cannon to fight space pirates.

The launch of the Season of Plunder kicked off with a Destiny showcase that put a highlight on the direction the series is going in the future. Next year's Lightfall expansion will take them to a somewhat-untouched cyberpunk city on Neptune, add new psychic spiderman Strand subclasses, and add that LFG and loadout stuff you've always wanted.

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