One of these Among Us cookies is a habanero-flavored imposter

Among Us cookies
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Baking Among Us crewmate cookies that look this good takes a steady piping hand, but my favorite thing about them is the twist: one cookie in each batch is an "imposter" made with spicy habanero butter.

"The spiciness of the habanero cookie wasn't hot enough to cause stomach or throat pain, but just enough to keep it lingering in your mouth for a few minutes," wrote (opens in new tab) the creator of these cookies, who streams on Twitch as heysiouxz (opens in new tab). "I used about 2 peppers for a batch 12 cookies."

Siouxz detailed her process in an Imgur gallery (opens in new tab), from making the cookie cutter with aluminum flashing to decorating the cookies. She also elaborated on her method of flavoring the imposters, which look identical to the other cookies.

"For the imposter batter, I used a mortar and pestle to mash the habaneros into a pulp and strained it into the butter," she wrote. "It added nothing but taste in the end—no change in color or texture."

For Christmas, Siouxz sent her friends batches of seven cookies—six regular, one imposter.

It occurs to me that you could play a sort of Werewolf/Hot Ones (opens in new tab) variant with these cookies: Have everyone pick one from a batch and take a big bite, then try to guess who had the habanero cookie based on facial expressions.

Or you could just eat them—I don't know how they taste, but now that the idea is in my head, I'd try a batch of habanero butter cookies, Among Us themed or not. (They are a thing (opens in new tab), it seems.)

Here's another look at the baked crewmates:

(Image credit: heysiouxz)
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