Among Us announces official Hide and Seek mode

Among Us monster chasing astronaut
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At The Game Awards preshow today, Among Us delivered an exciting announcement for longtime fans: an official Hide and Seek mode (called Hide N Seek) is arriving on December 9. Hey, that's tomorrow!

The addition of the new mode isn't a surprise, exactly, since Hide and Seek has been on the Among Us development roadmap for a while, just without a release date.

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As far as I can tell, Hide and Seek was originally created by fans, who came up with a novel new way to play Among Us using a set of agreed-upon rules. When a round begins, the imposter calls a meeting and immediately identifies themselves as the monster, and then counts down from 15 while the rest of the players scatter and hide. When the countdown is up, the imposter goes looking for everyone, killing as many as possible. 

There are a few different versions of the rules, but typically there's no reporting of murders, and for the crew to win they have to finish all their tasks (even if they've been killed and are ghosts). The imposter wins if they kill everyone, or even if there's just a single living player left.

Starting tomorrow players will no longer have to wing it, as the official mode will handle all the rules and scoring for them. 

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