Amnesia: The Dark Descent is free on Steam today

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Frictional Games' new horror tale SOMA will be out later this month, and to get everyone in a properly terrified mood, the studio has made its brilliant (and brilliantly awful) Amnesia: The Dark Descent free on Steam.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a Lovecraftian tale of supernatural awfulness in which you, as the "hero," see and do some pretty awful things on the way to redemption, or freedom, or quite possibly the moment where you, as the player, leap up from the keyboard, slam down your headphones, and declare, "Enough!" Because The Dark Descent, the game that established Frictional as the masters of the genre, is not just scary: It's disturbing. It's creepy. It's awful.

And it's free! Trust me, you should play it. With the lights down and the volume up. Good times for sure! Grab it quickly, though: It's only free until 10 am PT on September 16, which is tomorrow.

Andy Chalk

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